What We Do

Looking at your business differently?

Intricate Group, is a successful and well-respected North American energy services organization offering effective solutions with exceptional results. Our company is strategically designed and located to provide services that will increase the efficiency and value of businesses working throughout North America.

We prefer to sit down with you and help determine which moves should be considered for your company, and collaborate on the solutions and oilfield services you need to make your business run smoothly and efficiently so it can increase in value and market share.

What makes us unique?

We offer an extremely unique energy services model that is adaptive to your company’s needs. What does this mean for you? This means you get focused and professional expertise right where your business needs it. Our ISO9001 Certified Quality Management System is specifically designed to help us identify the areas within your business that need improvement. We look for areas where costs could be lowered in order to make the entire business process operate more smoothly and efficiently. Further, we have the capacity to deliver field and corporate-based fit-for-purpose solutions that focus on long-term excellence for capital and operating programs.

Our Services

We offer customized and turn-key services in the areas of: