Health, Safety & Environment

Our health, safety & environment (HSE) quality management system extends through every department and into the field. Every precaution is taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees, contractors and jobsites. Our environmental policies guarantee we always act in accordance with sustainable, green practices.

Intricate Group’s commitment to our health, safety & environment is demonstrated through our actions and leadership. Support systems for our HSE program and policies means we always choose the products, suppliers, contractors, materials and services that align with our goals.


All of our employees and contractors are informed about and share our commitment to HSE quality management, ensuring:

  • Compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Modifications to the HSE program and policies as required
  • Support of industry and community initiatives that improve HSE standards
  • Careful pre-planning on all projects to ensure safe work practices
  • Document control and aims towards a paperless environment
  • Agile ability to think and act safely in unexpected situations
  • Preventative maintenance and situational controls
  • Fair and equal treatment of staff, contractors and vendors
  • Career development opportunities
  • An empowering, collaborative, engaged workplace

With this HSE model, Intricate is proud to have achieved and maintained COR (Certificate of Recognition) for Partnership in Health and Safety from the Alberta Partnerships in Safety board, and continued compliance with all ISN and PICS requirements.

In 2013, a third-party audit of our quality management software system granted us ISO 9001:2008 certification, based on the processes, professionalism and high quality standards in every department of Intricate Group.

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