Our Committments

Our commitment is to our clients, the hard working businesses and individuals who are doing real work in the energy industry. Intricate believes in the importance of promoting value and a sustainable approach in all areas of business. Our clients benefit from the added value and sustainability we bring to their businesses.

How do we make this happen?

We add sustainable value to our clients’ companies by thoroughly assessing areas in which the business could improve operations. We target areas of decline as well as areas that could benefit from decreasing costs—and that’s just the beginning. We show you effective energy industry solutions, how to implement them and how to sustain them.

We are committed to offering our clients:

  • A customizable and diversified set of energy industry specific services
  • Sustained value and a greater local presence through our custom established end-to-end solutions
  • A strong team of dedicated, experienced, and diversely qualified technical professionals
  • A focus of single point accountability while still maintaining an integrated package of products and services and
  • A complete life-cycle approach to construction and project management services

Intricate Group is dedicated to providing our clients with long-term excellence, both in terms of capital and operational efficiency. We don’t just identify areas that could be improved we offer effective solutions to provide our clients with exceptional results. We commit ourselves to focusing on the business’s needs and the bottom-line value so our clients can effectively manage and safely optimize every asset.