Measurement , Regulatory & Production Services

Intricate Group’s measurement, regulatory & production services provides financial analysis and reporting, regulatory compliance, volumetric reporting, effective controls, and data integrity to establish corporate level baselines and a coordination of its findings with regulatory government programs.

These services focus on:


  • Measurement & Reporting Management
  • MARP (Measurement, Accounting & Reporting Programs)
  • Production Accounting
  • Product Allocation
  • Drafting & Documentation Control
  • Audit – Internal & Third Party
  • EPAP Implementation & Consulting
  • Regulatory

Measurement & Reporting Management

Intricate’s services include:

  • Providing clients with measurement compliance support that utilizes practical and cost effective solutions
  • Implementing comprehensive self-supporting measurement programs Working with stakeholders to ensure all measurement programs are fully integrated into the organization and
  • Developing quality assurance manuals that outline all aspects specific to a client’s asset.

MARP (Measurement, Accounting, and Reporting Programs)

Intricate’s MARP programs ensure MARP development is successful in obtaining AER (Alberta Energy Regulator) approval under Directive 042 of the Oil Sands Conservation Act.

Intricate focuses on establishing effective:

  • Process and management diagrams as well as measurement schematics
  • Quantitative descriptions of proposed operating procedures and
  • Thorough details of accounting, calculations, and reporting to ensure the MARP process is optimized to add value to the business and all of its stakeholders.

Production Accounting

Intricate provides thorough production accounting support to all levels within an organization on any AER/EPAP, OGC, SER, PRA, or CAR reporting issue. Intricate incorporates an approach that ensures effective controls and efficient data integrity are established by:

  • Assessing organizational reporting delineation, structure, and accounting practices
  • Developing, auditing, and testing controls, system integrity, and monthly accounting files and
  • Providing training at all levels of production accounting.

Product Allocation

Intricate Group offers a complete suite of product allocation services, including:

  • Ensuring existing gas plant allocations are constructed equitably
  • Ensuring existing allocations meet existing agreements
  • Ensuring gas plant allocations meet regulatory measurement and reporting requirements and
  • Ensuring the protection of all working interest holders.

Drafting & Documentation Control

Intricate Group provides drafting and documentation control services through the provision of cost effective company schematics, ensuring:

  • Correct measurement and reporting of the organization
  • Accurate representation of the physical flow of all assets
  • The provision of product excellence through in-house measurement and support and internal drafting and
  • Effective support via a document control processes.

Audit – Internal & Third Party

Intricate conducts internal or third party audits in association with the client’s facility, providing clients with:

  • A report outlining all action items raised during the audit
  • A specialized address of any concerns and
  • A guarantee that all regulatory requirements are met.

EPAP (Enhanced Production Audit Program) Implementation

Intricate focuses on the sustainable and cost-effective establishment of EPAP implementation and consulting in order to ensure:

  • Effective annual declarations
  • Controls-based testing
  • Remediation identification
  • Continuous improvement opportunities, and
  • EPAP compliance with AER (Alberta Energy Regulator) Directive 076.



Intricate provides a complete regulatory gap analysis that focuses on distinct areas of the oil and gas industry, including such features as:

  • Physical meter assessment
  • Table top review
  • Reporting delineation review
  • Cross border measurement review
  • Proactive measurement design review
  • Site-specific deviation from base requirements, and
  • Witnessing