Oilfield Rentals

Intricate Group’s oilfield rentals department provides drilling and production equipment throughout the energy sector of Western Canada, incorporating Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our products are superior and we offer customized rental programs at a fair market value in order to align with the economy of today’s drilling environment.

Intricate Rentals knows the importance of customer service. We address requests promptly and maintain a wide range of oilfield rental equipment in order to fulfill our client’s needs. For more information and to view a detailed inventory of Intricate’s rentals please view us here http://www.intricaterentals.com


Production Equipment

Sourced with both quality and safety in mind, Intricate Group’s production equipment is engineered for our clients to have the high-quality equipment they need to stay operationally efficient in even the most demanding sectors of the oil and gas industry.


Drilling Equipment

All of Intricate Group’s drilling equipment is chosen with quality and safety in mind. Ask about our build-to-spec program.

Our drilling equipment inventory includes:

  • Pipe racks
  • Heavy weight drill pipes
  • Pup joints, and
  • Pipe tubes


Customized Programs

Intricate Group doesn’t stop at providing quality products and services to companies operating in the oil and gas industry; we also provide customized programs to ensure our clients get the best services at rates that allow them to stay competitive within their sectors.