Software & System Integration

Our primary focus is to understand our client’s business needs and goals to create alignment and bridge the gap between departments, maximize support and utilization of systems and software tools. We maintain a neutral position with respect to existing and new technologies to ensure the right decisions are made. Our key objectives are to streamline and centralize data flow along with achieving substantial financial savings. The technical depth and operational services our business model is built from, allows us to leverage our experience with a long term operability mind set.

Are you aware of all your options? Let us help you in the following areas:

  • Data management and analysis including data historians and vibrant reporting
  • Streamlining and consolidating of existing software solutions
  • Hardware virtualization including servers, PC’s and flow computers
  • SCADA system design, implementation and optimization
  • Communications; topology reviews, optimization and hardening
  • Networks and connectivity
  • Software implementation; large and small scale
  • Equipment modelling and asset management
  • Network and site security management and solutions including backups, failover, intrusion detection and analysis.